Core Values

Centrality of Christ

In all that we do at FMC our focal point is on Jesus Christ as our Savior, Lord, and Model for life.At the center of our congregational life is the understanding that Jesus Christ was the complete expression ofGod’s life and love on earth. In Jesus, God has acted to restore human beings to the wholeness of life and covenant relationship with God. As the Body of Christ we continue God’s work of bringing healing and hope to each other and the world.


We value our role in bringing the peace and healing of God’s Kingdom into a broken world that is marred by violence, broken relationships and conflict.We believe that Jesus calls us to shift from the world’s reliance on power, coercion and violence as the most“realistic” agent for change to a lived out belief that self-sacrificial love is the only true agent for change for God’s people.We understand that the peace of Christ calls us to work to end war and violence. More than that, the peace ofChrist is shalom, a holistic understanding of healing, hope and wellbeing in every aspect of life that can only come through Jesus Christ.


Worship is our love response to God for who he is and for his acts to save and restore us. Through worship we give glory, honor and worth to the One True God who created us and adopted us as children.As we worship together we build each other up in our love for God and maturity in Christ. We value worship that inspires the participation of everyone in the church. We see children as an important part of our faith community and value their participation in worship. Our worship, with all its many parts, calls us back to our identity as the people of God and equips us for service in Christ’s name.

God Transforms Every Part of Life

We value the all-encompassing work of healing and hope that God wants to do in every area of our lives and in our families, church and world.God’s work of healing and restoration extends not only to “spiritual” matters, but also to every other aspect of our lives including emotional, physical, financial, social, political, vocational, relational, and other ways of being. This all-encompassing work of God’s peace in our lives is sometimes called shalom.We value a view of God’s call on our lives that doesn’t separate our spiritual life from other parts of life. We seekto faithfully love and obey God in every moment of life, no matter where we are or who we are with

Neighborhood Presence

We believe God has called FMC to worship in Bedford Heights, Ohio, a southeast suburb of Cleveland.Our vision is to be a presence for Christ in the neighborhood, calling out the gifts and strengths of this community, and responding to its needs and challenges. We want to be the light of Christ’s renewal and hope that shines to all who live near our place of worship.

Living Faith in an Anabaptist Perspective

We value a faith that makes the Kingdom of God evident in our lives and actions.As a Mennonite Church our roots go back 500 years to the sixteenth century reformation period and the Anabaptist movement. Our church today is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA through a regional body –Ohio Mennonite Conference. As a congregation we affirm the “Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective”as an articulation of what we believe, even as we recognize areas of disagreement among us.

Making Disciples

We believe that salvation through Jesus saves us so that we serve the world and help form it into the Kingdom of God by making disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.When we make disciples, we invite people to the healing and hope of the gospel message that Jesus is the One who saves us from exile and reconciles us into the family of God.We believe that we are a people who have been sent on God’s mission by Jesus. God’s call for FMC is to be disciples of Christ and to make disciples, to learn to live as Jesus teaches, and to teach and invite others to do soas well.

Love as Method and Purpose

We believe that self-sacrificing love is God’s method and purpose for the church’s work of transforming the world through the Holy Spirit. We understand that love is the ultimate act of peace, health and wholeness, the fruit of the Kingdom of God. This love for each other is expressed in words and deeds as we live in community with each other, as we serve each other, and as we worship together, and as we engage the world. This love is at the heart of our value of community and our commitment to nonviolence. It leads us to share our burdens and celebrate our victories, to visit each other in sickness, and find time to share in retreat and relaxation. This love helps us understand that we are not called to an individual faith, but that God speaks and moves through the community of faith in ways that are powerful and unique.

Practicing Good Stewardship

We value good stewardship as an expression of love, honor and obedience to God. We value thoughtful life choices that acknowledge that God has made us caretakers of our time, money, possessions, environment,resources, and all that we have.We value thoughtful lives of generosity that grow out of an understanding that all we have and all we are comes from God and will return to God. While the world chases after acquisition of wealth and possessions, the children of God are called to give over all that we have to God. What He gives us in life is a gift, for our benefit and for blessing those around us.