Friendship Mennonite Church

Church plants around the United States led by the Mennonite Church began in the 1950s. Friendship Mennonite church was one of those, beginning in a house, eventually moving into our current building which was built by many of our first members. A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to share God’s love in supporting each other and our community hasn’t.

Not only do we welcome people to “come as they are” physically, but also to come “where they are” spiritually. Some of us drive to church from across the street, and some of us drive long distances from surrounding counties. But we gather every week to worship in fellowship with each other.

Born and raised in Canada to Paraguayan Mennonite parents, Alvis practically grew up at the local church. While exploring his faith in high school he “rediscovered” the church as if encountering it for the first time, and came to publicly affirm his faith in Jesus as Lord.

Alvis is passionate about the Word of God in all it’s wonderful intricacy; and loves to help people encounter God in the often neglected portions of scripture. He’s studied theology and ministry at the Canadian Mennonite University and Conrad Grebel University College.

In his spare time Alvis enjoys spending time with his wife, Ruth, running, reading, and building Lego.

Email > pastor.alvis.pettker@gmail.com

Cara has lived in Northeast Ohio her entire life and has been an active church member just as long. She and her family have attended Friendship Mennonite Church since 2008. A graduate of Bluffton University, where she learned about Mennonites, Cara has always enjoyed working with people and finding ministry opportunities, and particularly likes her “behind the scenes” work as Church Secretary. She is also an Elder at FMC, which gives her the opportunity to walk with others on their faith journey.

Cara is also a Wellness Coach, helping others reach their health goals. When she’s not working, she can be found camping with her family, reading, or crocheting.

Email > friendship.mennonite@gmail.com