Vision Statement

Our vision at Friendship Mennonite Church is to be a congregation that seeks…

Friendship with God

Jesus calls his disciples friends. Following Jesus means being in intimate relationship with God, filled with the Holy Spirit, and the peace, health, and wholeness of Christ. Through our friendship with God our lives are transformed into the image of Christ, and daily renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit. God invites us to come as we are into this relationship and receive new life.

Friendship with Each Other

Jesus calls us to love each other the way he loves us, as friends. The friendships we share with each other and continuously invite others into,form an intergenerational family of disciples who are deeply committed to each other in good times and in bad. Through these friendships we build each other up with encouragement, love, and support; we commit ourselves to being open-minded and generous towards each other; and that together we are collaboratively building the Kingdom of God through the power of Christ wherever we find ourselves.

Friendship with our broader Community

Jesus calls us into friendship with the communities we live in. This includes the neighborhood surrounding our physical building as well as the particular communities our families live in, and even the entire city of Cleveland. Through this friendship we share the love of God with our neighbors, strive for justice, and work together with other leaders and organizations in our communities, as the Spirit leads, to build the Kingdom of God among us. Our friendship grows out of our Anabaptist peace witness and our hope in God’s power. Our lives serve as an open invitation for all to enter into friendship with God through Jesus Christ.