To worship means to give great worth and honor to something or someone. How we spend our time and money often reveals what we worship. For some it may be material possetions, a big house, possitions of power, things that give us pleasure, or even our own selves.

Ultimatly God deserves our highest worship. Everything else we try to worship will eventually disapoint us. But God will never change. He is loving, just, holy, pure, and he never gives up on people.

At FMC we try to worship God every day by living out the teachings of Jesus. When we work with integrety and honesty at our jobs, when we respond to mean people with kindness and patience, and when we put our families desires before our own, we worship God. On Sunday mornings we come together to continue worshiping as the family of God.

You are invited to join us as we worship and serve the One True God.