Eastern Europe

In 2011, a woman of faith and sister in Christ who had lived among us at FMC, moved back to her home in Eastern Europe. This was a response to God's call to write, speak and minister the gospel once again to her homeland. We can not tell you her name because authorities are not open to God's truth where she ministers. This long term missionary has written many, many books in her native tongue, bringing words of truth and light to multitudes of people who have been starved of God's word for many dark years in Eastern Europe.

Pray - Please pray for our missionary in Eastern Europe as she continues to author books, travel around the region speaking the truth of Jesus to church groups, youth conferences and orphanages. Pray also for her health as she battles on-going health concerns. Please pray for protection in this dangerous area of the world. Please pray that God would guide her as she authors new books and speaks God's word to groups around the region.

Give - Help financially support God's miraculous work in Eastern Europe. Money is needed for travel expenses and for printing books. Many people do not have much money and the cost of printing often limits the number of books that are available, even though demand is great.


Sheri Banks has committed her live to serving the people of Peru. Part of the year she and her husband Gary live in Peru, travelling, serving, translating and making connections for people of faith. to volunteer in a variety of ways and to focus on showing God's love to the poor. Each year the Banks spend 4-6 months in Peru. Pray for Sheri as she makes connections with the Mennonite Brethern church near Lima and serves in many ways.

Give - There are many needs among the poor in Peru. Please give so that the Banks can provide basic supplies and Christmas presents to those in need.

Around the World

FMC supports multiple missionary ventures throughout the world. Each year we give to Mennonite Mission Network (http://www.mennonitemission.net/Pages/Home.aspx) and Mennonite Central Committee (http://www.mcc.org/). Please pray that God would continue to send his workers into the field in these mission endeavors.