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Worship Times!
Sunday School: 9:30 am
Sunday Worship: 10:45 am

21881 Libby Road,
Bedford Heights, OH 44146 Map


As soldiers led Jesus away to kill him, he told his followers to put away their swords. The old way of getting things done through sword, power, and violence were rejected by Jesus. God was becoming King again, not by force, but by the power of self-giving love. Today God is still the King, and the King is at work all over the world restoring broken lives and broken earth back to the way God intended in creation, back to realtionship with the King. Join us as God teaches us to rebuild the world with the power of self-giving love.


Who are the Mennonites?

Mennonites are Christian people all around the world who seek to live life the way Jesus taught through the Bible. Anyone who wants to follow Jesus can become a Mennonite. While Mennonites share common beliefs among Christians such as those in the Apostle’s Creed, we have also responded through history to Jesus’ call for us to live non-violent lives committed to reconciling violence and brokenness through selfless love, even when it means suffering and death. Many early Mennonites in Europe were tortured and killed for their faith in Jesus while refusing to defend themselves. In a world today where self defense is a major justification for violence both nationally and personally, Jesus still calls us to a new way of living, not through power and coercion but through the cross, loving others when they hurt us or have no way of repaying our love.


Traveling 480 Eastbound

Take Exit 25c to Route 8 (Northfield Rd.) Turn Right onto Rt. 8. Turn Left onto Libby Rd. Friendship Mennonite Church will be on the Left.

Traveling North or South on 271

Take 26A for Rockside Rd. Turn left onto Rockside Rd. then turn Right onto Northfield Rd. (Rt. 8). Turn right onto Libby. Friendship Mennonite Church will be on the left.